Truth and Prosperity


In today’s economic crisis many are cleaning out their financial closets, getting rid of clutter and attempting to put their lives in order. Some are asking what true prosperity means to them. If you have lost a lot financially and materially over the last years you have probably started to question what is important in life and what isn’t. Many of us have been forced to look inside our financial closet. We are cleaning out the clutter and removing the spider webs that are there. How far are you willing to go to set your records straight? What then is true prosperity? Is material wealth enough to make you feel happy and content with your life? Do you allow yourself to have a spiritual connection that gives meaning to your life?

There is so much help and inner guidance available to us spiritually. It’s there for the taking and only a small percentage of people are open to that or seek it. “Spirituality” means a variety of things to people but whatever it means to you – that is the correct definition for you. The problems develop when we try to define another person’s spirituality or force our beliefs. Spiritual Freedom is allowing others to believe whatever they want to believe.

How many children are raised in homes where they don’t share their parent’s beliefs and values? In fact they may have opposing views. There there are those who blindly accept the beliefs that they are exposed to and they don’t question those beliefs and just follow along without ever asking themselves “What is my truth? What do I believe?”.

Life doles out many problems and difficulties. Faith provides answers for why that happens. When your Faith cannot give you the answers that you are looking for, it is time to look elsewhere. There are paths that provide the answers. There are principals that we can live by and not only feel good about ourselves and our contributions to life, but also get along with those who don’t share our beliefs or view of the world.

The truth about prosperity is that true prosperity can only exist when we face the truth about ourselves and the world around us. Direct experience is the only teacher that will show you what truth is. You can hear and read things that sound either interesting or unbelievable but until you have experienced them first hand, you won’t be convinced that what you hear is true. Even if you are very open minded.

Prosperity requires service in the highest sense of the word. That means not doing for others what they can do for themselves but allowing them to learn and fail through their trials and tribulations while being a loving and supportive presence in their lives. We can share our successes and our techniques but we can’t fix anyone else. When people fill themselves up with things they are really searching for something else. It’s something that can’t be found in a relationship or a new house. It can only be found through inner peace and a deep connection to your inner wisdom, higher power,