Fixing Sex in Your Marriage


Sex just not what it once was? Been married for a while? Has the bedroom become the “boring” room? Do you wonder if your spouse cares more for the television / computer / [whatever] than your sexual needs/desires? Well, you’re not alone. Husbands and wives fall quietly to sleep every night with unmet sexual needs/desires – creating a trail of resentment and frustration. Take a look at these steps to better sex in your marriage.

Have a “talk” with your husband/wife. WAIT, hang with me for a minute – this is worth it. Start the conversation off like this. “Sweetie, you know I love you, but we both know our sex life sucks and we need better, we deserve better, I deserve more just as you deserve more. I’m willing to make a commitment to work very hard to improve our sex life, but I need a commitment from you too. Before you tune me out – I would like for us to work on some stuff I found in this article. I believe it will help us.” At this point, either you AND your spouse will be willing to WORK on this “problem” or you won’t.

First, both of you need an open mind. It’s critical both of you are willing to gain an “understanding” of the other. You MUST discover each other’s sexual NEEDS and DESIRES. Even if you’ve been married for 10 years or more – sexual needs/desires might have changed or never been discovered. Sometimes, particularly with sex, we’re afraid to let our spouse know what we want or need. Perhaps we’re ashamed or embarrassed? Regardless, if you don’t know what your spouse needs/desires – it’s not likely he/she will be fulfilled. Both husband and wife should do some serious thinking about what you need sexually from each other. Often, men and women are polar opposites in their sexual needs. That’s OK and it’s normal. Both husband and wife should make a written list of those needs/desires.

The next step is where the “rubber meets the road” in your sex life. Often, we have a “selfish” focus when it comes to sex. That’s OK AS-LONG-AS we also have a commitment to put our SELF aside and give our spouse what he/she needs sexually. Hollywood has given the world an unrealistic model of a healthy sexy life. Husband and wives don’t “magically” find sexual fulfillment in the same “activities” or even at the same time. A healthy sex life requires a lot of giving. For instance, often women need intimacy to feel sexually fulfilled. This could require that a husband spend extra time before AND after “intercourse” cuddling, etc. – maybe she only wants to cuddle without intercourse? How many times have you heard a woman say “He gets what he wants – has his orgasm – then off he goes.”? That woman isn’t being fulfilled. Men are usually less complicated. Men usually have certain sexual “things” in mind that they want to do (or have done to them). Ladies, DON’T underestimate the power of your man’s sex drive. Those “things” might seem silly, gross or whatever, but to your man – they are essential to the sexual health of your marriage. PLEASE don’t make your man feel bad about these sexual “things”. Please do your best to fulfill his needs and desires. Just taking his “odd” sexual needs seriously and showing a desire to fulfill them could rejuvenate your sex life. When I say “odd”, I’m not talking about “twisted” sexual practices. I’m talking about positions and activities you would find in an average “husband & wife” sex book.

Lastly, I know you’re tired. I know the kids need attention and I know we all have a lot of things going on in our lives. However, keeping sexual needs/desires met is sort of like keeping the lawn mowed, the dishes washed, the house clean, the car running well, etc. If you truly seek a GREAT sex life with your spouse – be prepared to work at it each and every day. Not only will you see improvement in your sex life – joy will spill over into other parts of your relationship as well. One last word to the ladies: Your husband is more interested in what you’re willing to DO to satisfy his needs / desires than HOW you look! It’s true. Last word to the guys: Don’t try to “perform” in the bedroom. She’s not interested in your performance. She’s interested in your willingness to truly LISTEN to her, connect with her in an intimate way and show her your desire to keep her sexually fulfilled. She needs it from you. Make the commitment to each other – you deserve it – and learn to enjoy each other.


How to Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally With Zinc


Zinc provides a simple, natural, and safe way to enlarge your penis, and if you are tired of trying product after product with little to no success, then zinc can offer a great solution. Many men want to enlarge their penis for a variety of reasons, and the benefits from having a larger penis are not only sexual in nature. Zinc offers an easy way to have a larger penis in terms of both length and girth, and here we’ll go over some of the ways you can benefit from using zinc to enlarge your penis.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger

One of the primary and most obvious benefits that come from having a larger penis is increased sexual ability. A longer penis is able to more easily reach to the back of the vaginal cavity to stimulate areas that other penises can’t. While the main pleasure center of the vagina sits only about four to five inches inside, there are other pleasure centers further back that are often crucial for a woman to orgasm.

While most men can hit the primary pleasure center, only men with longer penises can reach the cervix and fornix, and many women receive a huge amount of sexual stimulation from these areas.

Zinc also increases the girth of the human penis, which carries a number of additional benefits during sex. For example, a thicker penis fits more snugly into the vagina, increasing the amount of pleasurable friction and thereby increasing the amount of pleasure both partners experience.

Using zinc to enlarge your penis can provide a significant boost not only to sexual performance, but sexual stamina as well. Thicker penises tend to last longer during sex, and if you have a problem with low sexual stamina or premature ejaculation, then using zinc to enhance your penis is an excellent solution.

Zinc provides a totally natural, healthy way to enlarge your penis, as well as conferring a number of other health benefits.  Studies conducted by sexologists have repeatedly shown that men with larger penises are more confident and feel better about themselves than men with smaller penises, meaning enlarging your penis can have a direct effect on your personal image and morale.

If you want to give your life a boost and satisfy both yourself and your partner sexually, then choosing zinc as a method to enlarge your penis is a safe, effective, and reliable way to do so that can offer you a lasting solution.


Diesel Watches: The History of a Great Watch


Diesel watches are known far and wide for being desirable items of jewellery, and if you would like to get one for yourself then you will not be disappointed. Here is a quick overview of the history of this famous watch to give you a better idea about the timepiece you are buying.

Company Origins

Diesel’s story goes back to 1978 when the company was founded by Renzo Rosso in Italy. At this point, Diesel watches had not come into existence, and the company instead focused on clothing.

At first, Diesel remained a fairly small and unknown brand, at least on a global scale. It is hard to imagine that seeing as now it is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, but for over a decade this was how it remained. In fact, the Diesel brand only began to start to get international recognition in the early 1990s.

Marketing Strategy

The company’s international marketing strategy was formed in 1991, and you could say that this was the year that things really started to change for the company and it began to build a reputation whereby Diesel watches are now known all around the world.

Five years later, Diesel opened its first premium store in New York on Lexington Avenue. At the same time, Diesel was beginning to see some much larger sales in America, and the company brand was really starting to take off across the world.

Focus on Youthful Image

Diesel has always focused on targeting its products towards a younger, trendier audience. This is also true of Diesel watches, which accompany the clothing line and are sold as lifestyle products.

One of the main figures responsible for this successful strategy is Wilbert Das who joined the company in 1988. He overseas all creative decisions, including its licensed collections consisting of jewellery and Diesel watches.

Continuing to Innovate

Diesel has proved itself to be an innovative and stylish brand, and Diesel watches are now popular all around the world for their style and quality. After proving itself over two decades to be a genuine innovator, we can expect the company to go on creating ever-more exciting watch models and other apparel for many years to come.


Enjoy Your Historic Watch

Diesel watches are excellent timepieces, and when you buy your own you will be acquiring a watch which is famous all over the world. Now you know a bit more about the history of the watch, you can buy your own with confidence knowing that you are getting a truly historic watch.


Movie Review – Date Night



By Bill Bonfanti

9 out of 10

I have to admit that the first time I saw the trailer for Steve Carell and Tina Fey’s romantic action comedy Date Night, I was quite skeptical. I thought that you get two huge comedy stars, Carell and Fey together in the same movie and this is what you give them to do… a ridiculous action movie!? Boy was I wrong. Date Night is one seriously funny movie that will leave you smiling long after you leave the theatre.

The film centers around Phil (Carell) and Claire Foster, stuck in a rut married suburbanites in great need of spicing things up. Upon learning that one of their closest couple friends are getting divorced because the passion has fizzled, Phil and Claire begin to reevaluate their own relationship. When their weekly date night rolls around, they attempt to eat at a trendy Manhattan restaurant in order to mix things up a little, but are unable to get a table. They wind up stealing another couples reservation which leads to the worst case of mistaken identity imaginable and the next thing you know, Phil and Claire are being chased by corrupt cops and mobsters.

In the hands of lesser comedic actors, Date Night would’ve turned into a cheesy, unbelievable, contrived mess. It is not a wildly original movie and the situations the lead characters find themselves in tend to be ridiculous, but none of it matters thanks to the dream team comedy pairing of Carell and Fey. No matter what is going on, the duo is so fantastic together, so perfectly funny in every way, that it is easy to overlook the idiocy of the plot and just enjoy the movie for what it is… a pleasant, light, airy, mainstream comedy that anyone can enjoy. In fact, Carell and Fey are such a convincing couple that anyone who is or has been married will easily be able to identify with them. Some of the biggest laughs (and there are quite a few) take place in their day to day life before the action and mayhem begins. Based on the chemistry the two stars share on screen, you would think they’ve been making movies together for years and years. To be honest, I can’t think of another actor and actress pairing that even compares (in a comedy). They are truly a match made in comedy heaven.

The tone of the film is perfect thanks to the sure-handed direction of Shawn Levy best known for his work on the two Night at the Museum films. He completely plays to both Carell and Fey’s comedic strengths and wisely allows them the breathing room to improv much of the dialogue, resulting in many hysterical lines and moments. Levy also never allows the action sequences to overpower the comedy and the film doesn’t make the mistake of turning the characters into bona fide action heroes. The action is kept light and funny at all times and because of that, Date Night never veers off course. Even within the comedy restraints, Levy manages to produce one of the most original chase scenes in cinematic history that is amplified by a side splitting cameo from J.B. Smoove as a cab driver. Mark Wahlberg has a great supporting role as a security expert who never has his shirt on, playfully poking fun at his past as a Calvin Klein underwear model. There are also plenty of other terrific cameos in the film from Mila Kunis, James Franco, Ray Liotta, Kristen Wiig and Mark Ruffalo which greatly enhance the movie as well.

To sum it up, Date Night is a rib tickling, laugh out loud comedy anchored by brilliant performances from Steve Carell and Tina Fey. It is the perfect date movie. Stick around at the end because just when you think the film couldn’t have been any funnier, Levy treats us to some rip roaring outtakes over the credits that are not to be missed.


Living With Chemotherapy: Tips From A Survivor


Chemotherapy is a word that strikes fear into most of our hearts. We’ve seen the movies and heard such horrible stories about undergoing this difficult treatment for a disease that could very well kill us. I underwent chemo for breast cancer and know that, in some cases, the cancer isn’t hard … it isn’t painful … it doesn’t make us sick. That’s the case for most of us who have breast cancer, but don’t have distant metastases. But then, they say we need to do chemo and we know we’ll feel that.

Although chemo drugs haven’t changed that much, and they’re still terribly hard on our bodies, the management drugs have changed a lot. Chemotherapy, for many of us, isn’t the show-stopper we thought it would be. Of course, each of us is different and the chemo drugs affect each of us in different ways, but, for the most part, chemo is definitely doable.

My breast cancer was Stage IIIa, with a 5.8 cm tumor, 8 of 10 lymph nodes positive, and I was only 39 years old. That bought me a ticket for the chemo ride. And I was scared out of my wits. But, I found an online breast cancer support group, at WebMD, and those women told me everything to expect and more. I went through four rounds of adriamycin and cytoxan. Both of them are some pretty stout breast cancer chemo drugs. After that, I did a controversial treatment that involved extremely high doses of cytoxan, taxol, and cisplatin, so I learned quite a bit about surviving chemotherapy.

First of all, I would highly recommend getting a port. This is a line that goes into a vein in your chest, the entrance to which sits just under your skin, right below your collarbone. It requires a quick surgery to put it in but, if you’re having a mastectomy for your breast cancer, you can get the chemo port put in at the same time. If you choose not to do that, you’ll have to get your chemo treatments through your veins and chemo is really hard on your veins. This means that you will, most likely, have to endure multiple attempts for them to find a vein, as time goes by. With the port, it’s already in a vein, so all they have to do is stick the needle into the port to access it. If you find this uncomfortable, there is a cream they can give you called Emla cream. One of the first things I learned was to tell them the moment I was uncomfortable. It’s all fixable. You’ll put the Emla cream on a bit before you have to have your port accessed and it’ll numb your skin.

Most breast cancer chemotherapy drugs will cause your hair to fall out. This is because chemo kills the rapidly dividing cells in your body. Your mucous areas and hair follicles are affected for this reason. That’s why you may have nausea or develop mouth or throat sores. Again, all this sounds scary, but is totally manageable. Since you will probably be losing your hair, which can be quite traumatic, I would advise going wig or hat shopping before you even get your first chemo. Take a girlfriend with you and be adventurous. Try on different styles, and even colors. If you’ve always wanted to be a blonde, now’s your chance! Make a day of it and have fun with it. Goodness knows, you have to look for that silver lining every chance you get. Also, make sure to have your nausea med prescription filled before you go so you’ll have it waiting for you if you need it at home. You may be pretty tired, afterward, so don’t wait till then to get those meds.

On your first chemo day, they will probably give you some steroids, intravenously or through your port, to help with the nausea. This may make you hungry; it sure did for me! But, I would recommend you don’t eat your favorite food on chemo day. Chemo is manageable, but after you’re all done, you may find that you have associations. For example, I used to love the cucumber melon fragrance when I was going through chemo. I had cucumber melon everything! But, to this day, the smell of cucumber melon makes my stomach do a little somersault because it reminds me of such an unpleasant time in my life. The same can happen with food. I still can’t look a chicken burrito in the eye! But, I’m sure glad I didn’t eat a taco because I would’ve hated for that to be ruined for me!

Many breast cancer chemo drugs are hard on your bladder, so be sure to drink, drink, drink. If you don’t feel like drinking water, then broth, jello, or even popsicles will help. Since you’ve gotten your nausea meds all filled in advance, be sure to take them as prescribed, whether you think you need them or not. Chemo nausea isn’t just any kind of nausea and it’s much easier to stay ahead of it than to try to fix it once it occurs. If you do happen to get nauseated, and I can’t stress this enough, call your doctor!!! There are many, many nausea meds and you do not have to feel sick just because you’re doing chemo. Once they find the right drug for you, it will be so much easier. So, do not suffer this in silence! The same applies for if you get sores in your mouth or throat.

You will be tired from this treatment. Most of us get more tired as the treatments progress because they make our white blood cell counts drop really low. Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep some Purell, or something similar, with you all the time for use when you’ve had to touch, for example, public restroom door handles. Your risk of infection will be much higher during this time.

If you lose your hair, it will typically happen in 10-14 days after your first chemo treatment. If you have long hair, you might want to cut it short in preparation. I know I felt so out of control of everything, during that time. When your hair comes out, it lets go quickly and in large clumps, getting all over your pillow and clogging your drain. For many women, that is more traumatic than even losing a breast. So, I figured that was the one thing I could control about this whole breast cancer thing … when my hair came out. I cut it really short, beforehand and, when it started to let go, I had my husband get the clippers and shave my head. My daughter helped and we did a little Mohawk and stripe action first!

That was my way of shaking my fist at this cancer … it might take my breasts, and it might take my hair for a while, but I beat it to the punch! It was my way of saying, “You cannot take my spirit!” You can do the same thing. Your breast cancer does not define you. It is but a speed bump in the course of your life. Strap on your gloves and step into the ring. This chemo is your biggest punch. Your spirit is your own and that breast cancer can’t touch it!


A Critical Valentus Review – Should You Join?


If you’re reading this Valentus Review, then chances are you’re either looking to join the company as a distributor or maybe you’re someone who was approached by a Valentus distributor and you’re doing a little bit of research. Regardless of how you found this review, you’re at the right place because in this third party Valentus Review I’m going to cover the essential details you need to know before making an educated decision about the company. Now before you proceed, I do want to disclose that as I write this I am not a Valentus distributor nor am I affiliated with the company in any way. And to be totally honest, it really doesn’t matter to me one way or the other if you join or not so you can be sure that you’ll be getting a truly unbiased perspective.

First things first, let’s take a look at the company itself. Right out of the gate, I couldn’t find much information except that the company was started by CEO Dave Jordan. Also when I checked the website, it wasn’t really clear where their home office is located although it lists a Nevada address as a place to return product. With that being said, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the company isn’t legit. It is a start-up company that just recently launched less than a year ago as of this writing. And typically, start-up deals don’t have much information posted online. One thing I will say that I do like is that the company looks to be very friendly to the whole online world and online marketing. If you’re going to join a Network Marketing company, it’s always a major benefit to partner with a company that is friendly to both offline and online marketers.

As far as the products go, Valentus carries 4 products you can promote. The first one is Weight Loss Coffee. Coffee is a huge Industry and in my opinion there isn’t a better product to market via Network Marketing because almost everyone consumes it and you don’t have to change people’s buying habits. The coffee contains Garcinia Cambogia, Ginseng Extract, Green Tea Extract and Chromium. These ingredients all aid in weight management and fat loss. The second product they carry is Weight Loss Tea. The tea contains Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones and Maqui Berry. The third product is a fruit flavored drink that aids in immune support. And lastly, they carry a fruit flavored energy drink that contains Guarana Seed, Maqui Berry and Gotu Kola. I haven’t personally tried any of the products but they look to be of high quality. I like how they’re packaged in single serving packets which make the products easy to carry around and give out to prospects to sample.

Now let’s cover the actual compensation plan. Distributors are able to earn income 7 different ways. You can earn immediate income by retailing product and personally enrolling new distributors into your team. While there are several ways to enroll people, just assume that everyone joins at the $499 Pack for the sake of simplicity. Whenever you personally enroll someone, you’ll personally earn a $100 Bonus. There’s also a Coded Bonus program that pays out $100 Bonus on your Legacy Team’s production. For big recruiters, there’s a lot of money in the Coded Bonus. Just make sure you understand it well and how it works if you’re serious about joining the company and starting a home business.

As far as the residual income part of the compensation plan goes, the company has a Binary Two-Team structure. As you build your right side and left side, the company pays you a $20 Cycle Bonus whenever there’s 200 BV on one side and 100 BV on the other side. Here’s my take on this… On one hand, it’s very attractive because getting a $20 Bonus on essentially 300 BV is pretty aggressive. The one thing though is you have to make sure you understand the Binary and how it works. For example, if you have 300 BV on one side and 0 BV on the other, you don’t cycle. In other words, you need to be really good at balancing your two legs if you want to make a healthy residual. Now to be clear, I’m not saying this is a bad thing or good thing. You can certainly make serious income regardless as long as you understand the compensation plan and how to structure your group. It’s also important to note that the company pays out 2%-25% Matching Bonuses on up to 7 Generations which is pretty generous.

So should you join Valentus or not? Well… only you can answer that. In my opinion, the pros of the company are they market easy-to-share products like coffee and tea, and the company is very friendly to online marketers. The cons are it is a start-up which is very risky and there isn’t enough information on the actual company and its infrastructure. That being said, these are just opinions and what I may think of as a pro, might be a con to you. One thing is for sure is that if you do decide to partner with Valentus, you’re going to need leads. Having an on-going steady flow of leads is critical to your success. Why? Because it matters not that Valentus has great products and a lucrative compensation plan if you have no one to talk to about the deal. Your ultimate success will depend on your ability to personally enroll new people and get customers, and those two things depend on how many leads you are getting. Of course, you can talk to your friends and family (and you should) but when your warm market runs out, it’s important that you know how to leverage Attraction Marketing so you can get leads online and build your business even if your warm market dries up. If you’re able to put Attraction Marketing to work for you, there’s no telling how prosperous your business can be.


Movie Review – Valentine’s Day



By Bill Bonfanti

4 out of 10

Valentine’s Day with its sprawling cast and characters is a bit too much and too little at the same time. There are way too many characters which in turn means way too little screen time for some of the more interesting characters and storylines. Although to be honest, each of the stories lead to a predictable cliché ending that you’ve seen countless times before. Each plot line feels formulaic and overly schmaltzy and almost sitcom like. Most of the talented cast is game (although some just phone it in) but they don’t have all that much to work with. In fact the character development is so minimal that I never really got past the actor and into their fictional counterparts. It was more like there’s Ashton Kutcher again or where’s Julia Roberts?

The plot as it were centers on a plethora of couples, both young and old, and the myriad of pressures and stresses that the Valentine’s Day holiday throws at them. Will Topher Grace still want to date Anne Hathaway after he finds out she moonlights as a phone sex operator? Will best friends Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner finally realize they are meant for each other? Can Jessica Biel look past her own cynicism and realize love is just around the corner? Can Taylor’s Swift and Lautner be any cuter? These are the questions posed by Valentine’s Day and not to ruin it for you, but you already know the answer to all of the above questions.

All of the actors (characters) are loosely connected and tied into one another and it all feels very forced. In the spirit of honesty, the film is so light and airy that I’m actually having trouble remembering the details. I can’t even begin to tell you all the things that bothered me about this movie because I’ve already forgotten them. If that’s not a strong argument as to how trivial and inconsequential this film truly is, I don’t know what is.

Most of the actors are fine, with the exception of Ashton Kutcher, who gives a performance that is more heartfelt and enjoyable than anyone else’s. He truly deserved to be in a better movie.

There are a few positive things about the movie however. Valentine’s Day is not nearly as awful as last year’s atrocious He’s Just Not That Into You. That movie had many similar elements such as the huge ensemble cast and loosely connected characters but was truly painful to endure. After watching it I wanted to scrub my brain with a brillo-pad so that I could forget what I saw.

Valentine’s Day will also serve as the perfect date movie over the romantic holiday. Sure as a guy you might be bored to tears, but your lady is going to love it and she’ll love you even more when the movies over. You might even get lucky afterwards… I know I did. That should be worth the 90 minutes of torture. If you are bored during the film you could just think about what a cool guy Ashton Kutcher probably is in real life or marvel at the fact that Patrick Dempsey has great hair or that Anne Hathaway and Julia Roberts have the same exact smile.

To sum it up, Valentine’s Day is like a heart shaped box of chocolates. You’re excited to open it up and devour the sweet chocolates inside but as you are eating them, you realize you don’t really like them all that much. The exception being the caramel one; that one is always delicious.


Thinking of Cruising? Go Carnival!


Stepping out of your car at the departure port is only the beginning. If you’ve never cruised before, get ready for a vacation of a lifetime. The excitement that builds up before you step onto the cruise ship is not as big as the excitement you get once you actually start your adventure at sea.

Carnival Cruise Line definitely does a good job with keeping their guests happy and satisfied throughout the trip. The second you board the ship and place your belongings into your cabins, you’re constantly greeted with warm and friendly smiles from every employee on board. If you’re in need of something at any point in time, whether day or night, an employee will always be there to help you. Before the ship departs, everyone on board meets up in the theatre and goes over a safety briefing. This lets everyone know that they will not have to worry about their safety or anyone else’s safety while embarking on the journey at sea.

One of the best things about cruising with Carnival Cruise Line is there is always something to do. Whether it be early in the morning, middle of the day, or late at night. You may just be looking forward to getting to the ports of call, but its not just the destinations you’re traveling to that are worth getting excited for, the days at sea are spectacular also. There are activities for all ages day and night, and tons of entertainment which you really get to experience during those days at sea. I mean, some crazy hilarious entertainment such as dance offs and harry chest competitions. The activities that happen on board bring families and friends together and even help you make friends as well, that you could potentially keep in touch with for a lifetime. When your stuck on a boat for a few days with people, it’s nice to make new friends that you can hang around the casino with, maybe take dance lessons with and more. And Carnival definitely makes it easy to do so.

While on board, the employees try and bring people together with all of their shows, entertainment on the deck throughout the day, and so on. It’s nice seeing everyone gathered around in one big area laughing and dancing together. It makes the trip that much more exciting and fun.

Aside from all of the entertainment, the food on the ships are out of this world also! You are guaranteed to never be hungry during your vacation, with the pizza bar, ice cream stand, and food buffet they constantly have on the deck. It’s extremely tasty food too! Also, every night there Is a timed dinner for your family and friends to enjoy and most of the time, you get your own table, depending on how many people you have and all. But the food there is amazing also. It’s a three course meal that will be hard to forget! And trust me, you’ll definitely leave full. Aside from the food, these dinners are a great time to share exciting events that occurred throughout your day on board, or to talk about the excursions your family and friends took part in that day. During this time once again, the employees will always make sure you’re having a good time! Some nights they dance, sing, and get you’re friends and family involved too. Every second is full of fun and laughter.

When it comes to ports of call, the employees on board are there to make sure you have a great time their as well.

Carnival Cruise Line has left me and many others happy with full of unforgettable memories, and has had me wanting to go back on another cruise since the day I stepped off of the ship, it also has me now wanting to work for the Cruise Line Industry at some point in the future.

If you’re thinking about booking a cruise at some point in the future, try out Carnival Cruise Line, so that you can leave your vacation happy and full of unforgettable memories also.


Smart Tips to Fix Comic Staples With Rust


Do you like reading comic books? If you do, you will find that these books have provided fantastic stories and many characters that still remain until today. In the business side, you will find that these books are also big business that is very promising and might bring many profits.

Regardless those things, for you who have many collections of comic might face some problem in storing comic books. One of them is rusting staples along the binding of the books. For this problem, you will find that it is actually easy to fix. The most important thing is that you are patient. The followings are the easy tips to fix rusting staples that you might find in your comic books.

The foremost thing that you have to do is to wash your hands and dry them out. This is important to do to wipe away oils on your hands that can damage the pages of your comic books. Then you should lay the comic book on a flat clean stable work surface. Make sure that you have enough lighting toward it. After that, you should open the comic book so that you can access the staples.

The next thing that you have to do is to get a clean cloth and lay it over the pages. This is done in order to prevent the pages from scratching. Then, you should place a nail file over the rusting staples and begin to file away the rusting staples. You can do it in long or strokes. Then, you should blow away the rust debris gently.

The last thing that you should do is to remove the staples by using a razor blade. This is done if you do not satisfy with the filing method. To do this, you should loosen the staple by inserting the tip of the blade under the staple’s edges and turn them upward. In this case, you should do it one by one. After the entire staple’s edges are loosen, then you should turn the book over and pull out the staple by insert the blade pin under the staple’s body. Make sure that you do this slowly in order to tear the pages. Then, you should insert the new staples in the same holes. Then, you should use the blunt part of the blade to press down the points of the staples.


Jewelry Boxes: A Deeper Meaning


What is in a jewelry box? Is it just jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, rings and other types of miscellaneous jewelry? If the answer to the question was yes, then there is a small issue. It does not just hold a person’s jewelry collection, but it embodies it and is an extension of you and the choices you have made up to this point. Let’s dig a little deeper into this situation.

As previously stated, a jewelry box says a lot a person and the choices they have made in their life. While on the surface it may not seem as if there is much to read into, below lies lots of meaning and hidden messages. A good example would be a diamond necklace in it. Think about how you got that diamond necklace. Was it from your husband, friend or did you purchase it yourself? If it was from someone, what was the occasion? Was it in celebration of something? Could it have been a necklace given as an apology? These questions may not have simple answers and you may not like the feelings that are stirred up when thinking about things like this. In order to read deeper as to what is in your jewelry case, you need to answer these questions, as the jewelry inside of it is really a nice snapshot into the past.

Now that you have answered questions about a necklace in your jewelry box, now it is time to move on to something much more common and important, the rings in a jewelry box. Most jewelry boxes come with ring rolls, allowing for storage and many types of rings. While these rings may be worn as fashionable items daily, they too possess deeper meaning. Think about the engagement ring in the jewelry box. Think about how you felt the first time your now husband or fiancé, got down on one knee and opened a small jewelry case containing something symbolizing the love that you share for one another. Look at the wedding band, symbolizing the strength and bond you made on your wedding day.

These are just a few ways to really take a look back at your life and reflect on the choices you have made throughout your life. While it may seem silly at first to look into a jewelry box for your past and determine what kind of person you are, the answers to these question are in there, you just have to look hard enough.