Closet Organization – A New Way For 2010


I want you to do something in a few minutes. Read this article first, then go through your closet and pick out one item or outfit (or poorly fitting undergarment) that signifies low self-worth. Most of us have at least one item in there that doesn’t feel great when we put it on. Clothing, like all things, is created from Source and therefore has vibration. Purging your closet of things (with vibrations) that no longer match your inner vibration seems to me to be a natural practice. We have to get rid of the old to make room for the new. No better time to do this than the New Year.

When my personal transformation really kicked in a few years ago, I got rid of almost all my clothing. I pared down to a small suitcase of clothes. I wore the same things over and over. My soul craved simplicity. My old self no longer fit and neither did the clothes. It was something very necessary to do at the time and never once did I wonder what I would wear in the future. I was leaving my old self behind and could only practically take a few items with me. It was simple to discard what no longer fit. Something strong was going on inside as I turfed almost everything, taking only essentials with me. When I settled back down into civilization, I accumulated what I could through charity. Homeless and jobless initially, I sorted through the bags of donated clothing at the transition house. It was a humbling experience and that was the point.

I confess, my current wardrobe is not what I want it to be (yet), but I cannot deny it as a reflection of my inner landscape at some point in my life. Otherwise I wouldn’t have attracted these pieces in the first place. Something about each piece of clothing I own made me say, “Yes, okay, come into my world”.

It may have had something to do with not really caring what I had as long as I had something. A wardrobe by default. How many pieces of clothing do you own simply because they were “cheap”? What does that say about your self-worth? Clothing is an outer reflection of how we value ourselves and is the image we project to the world. How we dress gives others permission on how to treat us. When we dress down (sometimes way low down), we project to others a low self-image and that it’s okay to treat us poorly. We don’t value ourselves, so there is no reason for you to value us either.

Have you ever put on a beautiful outfit and felt like a million bucks? Do you know that feeling? If you don’t, why not go and try on something beautiful in a store? See the difference a quality piece of clothing – that reflects your magnificent self – really feels like. Maybe you’re not ready to dress that way every day. Maybe you don’t want to. Do you have a hangup about expensive clothes? Yes, quality usually does cost more. There’s no surprise there. If we keep buying crappy clothes because they are cheap, we’re going to keep feeling crappy in them. This holds you back from being your magnificent self and from sharing your magnificent self with the rest of the world.

The idea of sorting through your entire closet feels like a monstrous, day long commitment. I’m not asking you to sort through your whole closet. Just start with one item. That’s all. I went to my closet to pull out one item. I ended up hauling out six.

  • An old, bland-looking skirt that I never wore. It was second-hand when I bought it. It looks bad on me. It IS old.
  • A blouse with 3/4 length sleeves and too-tight cuffs. It snipped the fabric around the cuffs a bit to make it feel more comfortable and vowed to wear it under sweaters only. Instead, it feels like I’m wearing a tattered blouse that has been cut.
  • Another shirt, although I love the fabric and color, is flattering to my bust but not the rest of my figure.
  • There’s another polyester (ie inexpensive) top that provides me with a self image that is less than flattering. I won’t go into details. Not wanting to amp up the vibe on that one. It’s comfortable when it’s on, and I’ve had a few compliments on it, but I don’t feel great in it.
  • Then there’s a bland, beige cardigan, although practical for my nursing job, was second hand, and has seen better days. I’ve already replaced the buttons on it and is now frayed at the seams.


  • And lastly, a black, unisex sweatshirt. I’ll never wear it. I’m sure. The old me would have. For camping maybe. And maybe I’ll regret ditching it down the road, but I haven’t worn it and can’t see myself feeling comfortable in it. It looks like a black sack on me. Nice (not).

It was easy to rid myself of those six items. I won’t miss them. At least today I think I won’t. If I’m going to be true to my magnificent inner self, then these pieces of clothing that make me feel less-than magnificent have no business in my closet. Sure, there was a bit of a twinge of “what will I wear then if I get rid of everything?” It was only a twinge. A tiny yelp from ego. Look at each item hanging in your closet and ask yourself, “How do I feel wearing this?” It doesn’t matter if it was expensive or not. If you don’t feel fantastic wearing it, it has no business being in your closet. Maybe it just needs a little tailoring. Haul it out and get it tailored then. If you’re the kind of person who says this but never gets around to it, pass the piece on as is. Are you holding on to an item for emotional reasons? I have a couple of things at the back of the closet that I may never wear but cannot yet discard. All kinds of excuses come up, but dealing with them is for another day. Today we rid ourselves of one item. Or six.

Ridding yourself of clothes that no longer fit you – either physically, emotionally or spiritually – creates space for more. The Universe abhors a vacuum. You can expect those holes in your closet to be filled, perhaps beyond your wildest expectations. Go and rid yourself of one item. Or six. Come back and share your experiences as a comment on the blog. Happy purging!