5 Ways to Stop Yourself Smoking


OK, firstly let’s get the horrible facts out of the way.

• 90% of all lung cancer victims are smokers or have been near to smokers.

• A cigarette has more than 3000 chemicals in it. All of them go INTO your body.

• Smoking gives you high blood pressure.

• The tar from smoking clogs up the lungs, making it difficult to breathe fresh air.

I could go on, and on, but I am sure you know most, if not all, of the 100’s of problems that smoking tobacco does to your body. You wouldn’t be here and reading this if you didn’t know them and want TO QUIT and NOW!

So let me, the one who quit 20 years ago give you some good news and easy ways that will help you.

• Throw all smoking habits and products away

Get through this bit and you are 80% of the way there.

Throw the cigarettes and lighter away. If the lighter is expensive – put it on eBay!

Tell everyone you have stopped smoking for good, and be proud of it!

Spray and clean the house to clear it of the stale smoke odour. Again make sure you tell everyone that your house is a smoke FREE zone. (Don’t worry your friends will still stick with you!)

Wash your clothes for the same reason.

DO NOT sit around moping that you need a fag or drag.- NO YOU DO NOT!

There you are 80% there – now DO THE REST.

• Self Hypnosis

Now don’t panic. This is not sending yourself into a pile of stress and worry that I am asking you to do something spooky. Simply I did this and it works. If you have been smoking for years, the body will keep telling you that it needs and wants some nicotine etc. Tell it to ‘go away’ because your life is so much better. BUT and this really will make a difference, when you go to bed, tell yourself 20 times (count with fingers and thumbs) that you are an ex smoker, you feel great and you are having a fabulous life – all of which you now are.

• You smell

I did, and so you do. Smoking gets into everything – hair, skin, home furnishings, clothes and so on. No matter how you wash and clean the smell is always there so long as you smoke. I can smell a smoker at 10 paces nowadays, and I am sure it does not attract the opposite sex, if that is what you are hoping for. The smell of stale smoke has been likened to stale cabbages. However if you have QUIT so will the smell. Also so will you ability to sniff and smell – God’s clean air for the first time in years. Well done, New friends, new NICE smell and loving everything around you. Grab, love and be proud of yourself.

• Join a group and make friends.

Think now what you would like to do socially. Because my friend – you can now do it. People won’t avoid you and your smell, or your cigarettes. You are now a person to be liked. This will make you realize that smoking was and still is stupid and nowadays expensive.

• Eat Fruit

I know it sounds a bit crazy. But the day you leave the weed behind you for good, all sorts of things creep into your life that you had forgotten were there. One thing was taste. Taste of fresh food, especially fruit. It won’t happen overnight, but over a few days and weeks it will return. So get going now. I started on bananas (I love them to death) apples and pears. Try blueberries or raspberries on you morning cereal, they are brilliant, and believe me help you feel great.

• Start walking and Jogging

This is what my wife Maggie and I did. We took up power walking. Remember I had experienced a heart attack. So I needed to exercise. We took up ‘power’ walking (normal walking but a little bit quicker). Boy did it work I lost weight, and missing cigarettes – not a second. My life by now was so busy, I didn’t have time to stop and puff. Besides which I wasn’t out of breath any more. I felt and still do feel great. By the way – after a few weeks look at yourself in a mirror. You will then realize that the smoking had another effect on you. It crinkles your skin, and makes it pale and lackluster. Now the glow will be back and you look 10 years younger. I promise you this really does happen.

This all happened to me, and I am now looking still 10 years younger than I am. In fact when people ask me how old I am., I tell them I am as old as I look. They always get it wrong. My social life is fabulous and we have many, many friends.