Shopping Genie and MLM Companies in General


I was at a presentation in Dublin myself, and the present claimed and proved that he made over €20,000 in a month. Given that he is at the top and every person signing in Dublin and UK are under him, I can understand that.

However, what he failed to mention on the presentation is how much he spent over all renting venues in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and in the UK, he also failed to address expenses for flying to the UK. Lastly, given that a Canadian speaker spent almost a month in Ireland/UK attending the presentations, he too failed to disclaim those expenses. I reckon he spent close to what he earned making sure other people signed, so he can make more money.

On regards of the product itself, the system doesn’t do what it says, it claims it can find you the cheapest price. What it does is opens other websites, none of which work in Ireland, and you have to sort the cheapest price from those sites. When you search for a product the program opens up and covers the right-side of the screen (sits on top of the Google ads), from there if you click on the compare button, the software opens between 5 and 10 sites on an interval between 1 second and 10 seconds. The sites that it opens are the real comparison sites (kelkoo, ciao!, Shopping, BizRate, Google Product Search, DealTime and others), at no point the product presents a list of the 10 cheaper prices or anything similar, all it does is saving you from having to manually open the sites and re-type the search.

I have not examined the product further, but I am guessing that when the compare button is pressed and the comparison sites are opened, a payment is processed between the sites and Shopping Genie’s parent company, same technology used by any advertisement on the web. (I can dig dipper if people wants me to do so)

Now, for the MLM business; as said by other people before, the money comes from selling the license and building something that in paper looks like a pyramid, I sell to two people (2 on level 2), they each sell to two people (4 on level 3) they each sell to two people (8 on level 4) and so far, this grows exponentially by level if every keeps the sales. Per-click-payment are “mentioned” at $3 per month, and this could be truth at the start; people is curious and start ‘playing’ with it until they get bored. But the question to be asked is how often is people going to use the product. This is great for expensive purchases (TV, laptop, perfume [the expensive one], sim-free phones,…) but not every day items, I would not compare my soup prices, my soap prices, my bread,…. so again, how often does a person by an “expensive” item, once a month? if that often.

On the presentation as said by another person before, they show slides, so you never get to see the product on-action, imagine going to by a car, looking at the brochure and saying YES I take the car. This is similar, the presentation show “sort of ” how it works, but fails to address the opening of other pages; further more, since the main guy is from Northern Ireland, all the examples are in £, a convenient way to avoid the awkwardness of explaining it does not work in Ireland; although he mentions that it will work “better” in the future.

Anyone joining a MLM company will make money, that is a proven fact, but is not a job where you get thousand of Euro (or Dollars) for little or no work, which is what most MLMs “trick you to believe”. They always promise to make you money with little work; just doing it part-time. But as with any JOB, the harder you work the more you make. You will earn money, that is been proven on this post, but you will have to put the time and expense to earn money, you will have to do phone calls, you will have to travel places, you will have to meet people over lunch or coffee. If you are joining thinking that you are going to make thousands a month just working few hours a month, you will be in for a surprise. [e04bf097, you got $40, but how much did you spend on phone calls, petrol driving to meet people,…? and how much time did you put onto the program?]

My conclusion is to avoid any company the uses the MLM system, where you are selling a license to either sell a product, or in this case give it for free, none of these companies have a sustainable future. As with everything on life, these companies fall in the 80/20 rule; 20% of the people (those on the top) make 80% of the money while 80% of the people (those on the lower levels) make 20% of the money. The company is structured so you spend time and energy chasing to get onto higher levers by selling more, the more you sell they more the top people make and the more you make, but like an ass after a carrot, you will never get the carrot, not matter how fast you travel.


Passive Residual Income Reviewed!


Passive Residual Income is fast becoming the buzz phrase of the 21st Century. By definition this type of cash flow is income that comes in month after month, without you having to work for it. There is however a difference between residual income, passive income and passive residual income. A million dollars in the bank produces passive income in the form of interest for as long as you leave the money there. Once you withdraw it the income stops. Royalties from a book or a record create the same and fall under the same category as well but the amounts increase or decrease with the volume of books sold.

If you are involved with an MLM Company and are receiving a monthly check as people below you are purchasing products month after month this is a form of residual income however you may have had to work very hard for years to create a cash flow that keeps paying month after month. If this was the case you will have succeeded in creating an ongoing income stream but it was far from passive while you were creating it.

True passive residual income is derived from a source that does not require ANY input or effort on your behalf to start, receiving ongoing income. There are only a few programs that truly qualify under this definition. Most MLM Business Opportunities will not allow people to create lasting residual income because the models are not based on real sales. They are generally based on rewarding members for bringing in or recruiting other members. Very few MLM Programs provide products that can be retailed to the end consumer at a fair price that will also allow the distributor to pocket a retail commission. Since this is the case distributors tend to jump from program to program if they are not making any real money within a short period of time, usually around 90 days. This attrition is what causes the ambitious entrepreneur to have sporatic spikes and dips in the residual income checks they attempt to generate through MLM.

In recent years there have been a number of programs that taught passive residual income without sponsoring or recruiting but what they fail to mention is that the ability to generate those incomes is solely dependent upon happen stance or chance! They are normally based around some type of forced matrix compensation plan and have a no sponsoring requirement that will allow you to get paid off a certain number of levels and distributors without having to recruit anyone. The problem is if you are not recruiting anyone and your sponsor is not recruiting anyone and so on then no one will ever get into your group and you will NOT make any money!

There are three methods you may want to consider when investigating passive residual income opportunities.

1) Cooperative Marketing with this model you are not depending upon a matrix type program to create your passive income. You are basically pooling your resources with the company resources to promote products through the media. You purchase the lifetime rights to customers who purchase products as a result of the marketing efforts. This provides two benefits 1) Your cost to purchase the customers is a tax write off. 2) You can acquire all the customers you want at a fixed cost.

2) Passive Residual Income through fixed profit sharing. This type of model is unique and only offered by one company to date. You basically make a purchase of a product that is worth three times what you pay for it. As a bonus the company allows you to participate in a share of the profits in a fixed schedule over an 18 month period until you receive back 300% more than what you spent on the product. In addition this model actually pays you monthly referral commissions if you choose to share it with others without requiring you or anyone else to pay any monthly fees!

3) High Yield Investment opportunities that have a track record of at least 2 years or more and pay an ongoing monthly interest payment. While it is difficult to separate the scams from the genuine programs one of the easiest ways to minimize your risk is to determine the track record of the venture you are intending to participate in. The longer a program has been around is a good indication of it’s legitimacy but I still would not recommend investing the rent money.

In regards to generating passive residual income in MLM the goal is to build an organization large enough that the commissions you will receive will provide you with enough money to not only cover your product purchase but to actually pay you more money than you are spending month after month.

The concept is right on the money but after close scrutiny of most mlm programs their policies and requirements actually prevent people from generating a passive income.

The cold hard truth about generating passive residual income is you will generally have to work for it!


Lives of Quiet Desperation


At 25 I believed that I was invincible, really there was nothing that I couldn’t do. I had this game of life nailed, it was just a matter of following my ideas, my beliefs and politics and becoming the agent of change in the world.

In my thirties I became a specialist mental health nurse manager, working in areas that no-one else wanted to work in due to their complexities. I loved my work, but only to a point.

So much of the work was an illusion, an illusion of importance within a structure whose philosophy was so tame that any real value that it offered to its clients was hard to see. The system of organising the work was puerile, its ideas based on the lowest common denominator, its series of checks and balances (which we told ourselves were necessary for safety) in effect made any intervention sterile and bordering on pointless.

Within this professional framework I began to realise that although on the surface I was living a good life, I was in beautiful New Zealand, I was married with a newly – born son and I was top of my field professionally, I was indeed (to coin Thoreau’s cliche) living a life of quiet desperation.

One day I arrived home from work to find all of my possessions boxed and left in the garage and my wife and baby gone from my life. Like many professional men, I hit crisis and I hit it hard.

You would think that being that I was a professional, a specialist in mental health that not only would I be equipped to deal with my crisis but also the system itself would be tailor made to hold me in safety. However, the truth is, as hard as it may be, that sometimes we have to go into crisis, it’s fundamental if we’re to experience real growth.

Here is the rub, we build our lives on other people’s dreams and say so, we live according to what others say is right. Have you ever noticed that the logic of common sense, the so-called collective consciousness, is the logic of fear and limitation?

We live lives of quiet desperation like a cancer lulling us into false fears of safety. It gradually leads us bit by bit to the place of absolute nothingness, a void of any real personal meaning in our lives.

So what will you do when you hit your crisis? Will you bury it with a resolution to change something in the future which will either not happen or will be experienced as totally reckless?

Or will you actively work to change yourself and your life, take responsibility for its direction and build a life of freedom?

I reinvested my energy and time in myself, I trained as a hypnotherapist and a Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP) practitioner. I also developed a spiritual path of meditation and became both a spiritual healer and ‘personal empowerer’.

The question still remains about whether you’re able to take control of your life whilst working for someone else, whoever that someone else may be. Can you reach your potential, financially or otherwise, whilst focussing your time and energy on a project belonging to another?

It’s evident that if you are going to empower your life, you must empower all of it, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link (to coin another cliche). Building financial freedom that energizes all other freedoms is a project that you would need to embark on for yourself. You’re not going to realise it working for someone else, for that path only leads to lives of quiet desperation! You can however, have help.

Total freedom is built on financial freedom, it’s the higher path of personal discipline, it’s entrepreneurial. Total freedom is built on giving, showing others how to be free of the lives of quiet desperation. Showing you this freedom, supporting you on this journey empowers the both of us.

We truly live in a new age of information exchange and a huge unprecedented world market within the digital economy. For the first time in history we can divorce the creation of financial abundance and freedom from the restrictions of having to stay in one location. Selling your skills, knowledge and time for money is now no longer a requirement for personal freedom, financial or otherwise.

So there it is, what do you choose, lives of quiet desperation and fear or freedom, empowerment and authenticity?


Sustainable Living


Sustainable living or sustainable life style, for many is just environment friendly living, the true séance & meaning of sustainable living can be understood only if we can understand the denotation of the word sustainable it’s self. Anything that can survive and can be rejuvenated after the test of time and every day direct and indirect factors is sustainable. Sustainability of a nation a social set up or simply the way we spend our lives depends upon how independent are we when it come to fulfill our daily needs on personal and national level both. Thus sustainable living is all about being independent when it comes to mobility, food production, health care and so on, sustainable living also depends highly upon sustainable production of mother of all leisure and production Energy.

Sustainable living amazingly is also environment friendly living. Every step taken by us towards sustainable living is also a step towards a cleaner carbon free environment around us. Not every family can have there own coal mine along with there personal coal power station, generating electricity for there home only, but every family can have there own wind turbines and solar panels on there roof tops generating electricity for individual units in a very sustainable manner. There is so much that can be done when it comes to sustainable living from growing some bit of our own food to producing a portion of our energy needs independently at little or zero cost. Many Americans should be able to learn about sustainability from there grandparents who struggled through the great depression of 1930s as sustainable living is 90% about consuming less or at least consuming consciously, only if we would squeeze our tooth paste tubes hard enough to utilize that last bit of cream we trash out most of the time. Sustainable living depends on consuming consciously, what if fuel hits $10 a litter how many of us would walk to the super market and catch subways to work.

Switching to sustainable living and environment friendly life styles should be much easier for North Americans and Europeans, as the consumption is these developed parts of the world is already very high in terms of energy, fuel, food and daily use commodities, while poorer and developing nations of Africa and Asia should be able to speed up their development and real growth simply through adopting sustainable living.

Let’s be a bit hypothetical about sustainability, now only if every Iraqi and Afghani family had there own solar power panels instead of central grid based power system, United Sates would have had to literally bomb every single house in these countries to cut the power of these countries along with there communication. Sustainable living is not only green it can also be a nations most powerful yet peace full defense system.

Some of the simplest yet effective things we could do to reduce our carbon foot print, sustainable living are easy to adopt, some effortless changes made around our houses and work places can have a very positive impact towards our local ecology.

Only by replacing one 60 watts incandescent light bulb with one CF bulb in every home of North America we could get rid of the pollution equaling to removing one million gas guzzling cars off the road, but this is half of the advantage think all light bulbs in USA replace with CF bulb’s and the natural cut down in power needs.

Staying fit and healthy is the base to sustainable living; walking and cycling to work are the perfect ways to stay fit for our busy urban life style. Not only by doing so we stay fit but also save money, help air pollution and save soil. In one of my article about my personal experience of paddling to work I’ve mentioned about just how we can save up to 2 tons of carbon emissions per annum one can save and how fit one can stay.

Every time we switch off our AC’s, TV’s, Micro wave oven’s and many other devices we tend to leave them hooked in the power socket, and tiny red light stays. These tiny red light indicate the vampire voltage being consumed by these devices, if all North Americans start controlling these vampire volts they can shutdown about 10 to 15 coal power stations.

We are what we eat, so we are weaklings as we eat week food produced with an aid of fertilizers and pesticides, organic food is now in demand and it production is still low, producing organic food is not only easier but also dirt cheap for farmers and they save on pesticides, and fertilizers and use insects and natural organic wastes to aid there crop. Organic food is a back bone to sustainable living, the concept of sustainability is all about healthy life, every organic vegetable and fruit helps reduce cancer risk, organic red grapes for example are know to reduce cancer risk to almost half as the plant fights against the fruit fungus thus creates an immune to fight cancer.

Many fashion designers are reclaiming fabric, many product and furniture designers are reclaiming materials such as wood and fibers. I would not mind reclaiming an iron or wooden trunk for a coffee table with a lick of paint on our old furniture we can follow the thrifty green path of sustainable life style.


Bowling Balls


Bowling balls are available with a wide range of options. Such options as coverstock, weight block, top weight, and pin location to name a few. With so many variables, how do you choose the right one for you? Many factors, should be considered when making a decision on your next bowling ball purchase.

Let’s briefly breakdown what each of the above mentioned terms mean in reference to bowling balls.

-Coverstock is essentially to outer surface of the bowling ball that creates the shell. Typically, the coverstock can either be dull or shiny on a bowling ball.

-A weight block is the core of the bowling ball. Depending on the shape and density of the weight block, it can influence the reaction of the bowling ball.

-Top weight is the core variation within the bowling ball. If the core is higher in the ball, it produces a higher top weight. If the core is lower, then the bowling ball will have a lower top weight.

-Pin location simply designates the location of the top of the weight block in a bowling ball.

These definitions simply apply to the bowling ball itself. What factors not related to the make/model of the bowling ball? For this we are referring to factors such as your bowling game itself. Things such as ball speed, track flare, axis tilt, etc all play an important role in bowling. Each person has their own unique way of bowling. Knowing your game and style will make it easier for you to make the proper selection when buying a new bowling ball.

Below is a brief breakdown of a few key definitions.

-Ball Speed is simply the speed at which you roll your bowling ball. Many of the newer scoring systems measure the speed of your bowling ball. However, not all are 100% accurate, but it can give you a general idea of what the speed is.

-Track flare is the “oil rings” that appear on your bowling ball after you throw it. These rings show the progression of the rotation of your ball as it is rolling down the lane and the ball changing its axis of rotation while seeking its preferred spin axis.

-Axis tilt is the angle of rotation of the bowling ball.

Depending on your style and lane conditions, making the right decision can be tricky at times. The easiest and best way to decide which bowling ball is right for you is to visit your local bowling pro shop. Many pro shop owners have been around the game of bowling for quite some time. With their knowledge and experience, as well as watching you bowl, they can give you strong recommendations on which bowling ball will suit your game.

However, not every bowling center has an on-site pro shop. Luckily the internet provides a plethora of information regarding bowling balls. Many of the manufacturer sites provide in depth analysis of reactions and characteristics and even a few videos with the bowling balls in action. Customer reviews found on various bowling ball message forums can also provide real life insight as to what a particular bowling ball can do on certain lane conditions. There are even a few retail sites that provide bowling ball reviews, which are customer reviews for various products.

As you can see the internet can be an excellent resource in helping you determine which bowling balls will take your game to the next level.


The Laundromat


Doing laundry is probably the most mundane chore that man is regulated to by their wives. Every week it is my dutiful obligation to keep the sanctity of marriage that I obediently comply in venturing off to the laundromat. In keeping with those never ending honey do lists there is no respite from “when you finish could you do this.” I am constantly being at the beckon call. Never before in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought of being coerced into what many a man would deem as women’s work. But, here I am every week at the laundromat.

I wile away the hours until the last sheet is dry. I really don’t mind gazing our the floor to ceiling glass windows watching all the cars go by. Today though practically every car looks the same as any other car. It’s not like it was when I was growing up. In those days you could actually tell a Chevy from a Jaguar, a Ford from a Cadillac. But, now the days of individualism much like our society has morphed together where the individualistic traits that set the Automobile industry apart, a rugged individualism that symbolized what America use to be is no longer apparent today.

As I turn away from the window the hypnotic tumbling of the dryer grabs my attention. If it wasn’t so busy in here one could fall asleep being mesmerized by the dryers constant spinning. I have met many an acquaintance in my weekly trek to this laundromat. Held many an interesting conversation with the people I meet. We often talk about not only local affairs like the constant increases one sees in either their water or electric bill but what this years race for the White House means for our nation. The people I talk too all concluded that the world is filled with so many unfulfilled dreams. We have also realized the chaotic existence of today much of what is actually happening is being distorted by every major news outlet there is. That brings a very serious question do we really know the actual facts or circumstances surrounding many of the news items we hear on TV or read in the newspapers?

As our conversations dwell on the future we focus on this years Presidential election. On one hand we have a candidate who is viewed as despicable and the other deplorable it makes us wonder what kind of future will tomorrow bring. It is as though this whole election cycle is nothing more than a low level soap opera playing out the fraud, corruption, lies and deceit that is all to commonplace in politics and in our governmental officials today. It really is a very sad commentary for our society to have to endure two of the most incorrigible public figures seeking the highest office in America.

I often talk about how my parents were able of survive the Great Depression, managed to live “well” into their 90’s and do so with very little financial or health difficulties. When we look around today the actual life expectancy for so many impoverished is not as long as it was just 30 years ago. The processed and GMO food sources has unleashed a treasure trove of health related diseases that were minimized back when I was young. Compound this is the fact that millions of Americans are living from a miserably small paycheck to paycheck and thousands more with no paycheck at all. And, when you throw in the fact that many retirees are subsiding only on their Social Security which has yet to keep pace with the ever rising cost of living makes for a very depressing situation for the majority of Americans. But, all we hear or read is how great everything is.

While our clothes continue spinning in the dryers the TV comes on and reports that news coming out of Russia a strong supporter of the Russian President is threatening the American Voter to vote for one main candidate or face the prospect of a Nuclear War. As we stand stunned at this new revelation coming from Russia commandeering our democratic process we begin to further our discussion on what is actually happening to the United States today. When we read of WikiLeaks, those infamous e-mails that substantiate Clinton’s distain for the common good all the while the newspapers and the candidates themselves continue to send this election down into the gutter just makes us wonder even more about how our future will play out.

We keep asking where is the decency, the decorum that prevailed in years past? But, all we hear today are accusations of various improprieties that have no bearing on the welfare of us here in this laundromat. We came to the conclusion that every candidate should come to any laundromat and actually listen to the issues that are important to the patrons of the laundromats. Maybe if they would actually sit down and listen to the concerns of people like Tom, Rebecca or my self and actually commit to implement solutions to the everyday problems we all face like lowering our water or electric bills maybe this country could get it’s act together. But, until then we here in the laundromat like the spinning of those dryers view the political season today as actually spinning out of control.


Creating Your Ideal Year


2011 is just around the corner, so I thought you might like some information on setting your agenda for success in a new and deeper way, and prepare yourself for a better and more fulfilling year!

To begin, we need to start with 2010.

I want you to get yourself a piece of paper, and at the top I want you to put three headings.

Start Maintain Finish

Under each heading, list all the things you have started, maintained and finished in the year 2010.

For example, did you start a new job, did you buy something new, a phone or a computer or a new car, did you start getting your morning coffee from a new cafe, did you begin reading a new book, start a new hobby, change your routine, start an exercise programme.

Now go to the Maintain heading.

What did you maintain for this year. Did you maintain your exercise programme, your diet, your garden, your car, your job, your relationship, your wardrobe, your business.

And what did you finish. Were there projects, assignments, courses, prescriptions of pills, a website, a book!

Continue with these lists until you have covered everything you can think of large or small.

Now which list is the longest? What is your focus?

If your start column is the longest, you are a happy person, with a good attitude to life.

If your maintain column is the longest, you enjoy what your doing.

And if your finish column is the longest, results are what you want.

These columns are symbols of your life. If you want changes, or are not good at one of them, for example, you don’t start new things, you can look at these columns and see where perhaps you can improve your new year of 2011.

For example, if you are not good at starting things, start with something small, like a new book, a new outfit, a different routine. Starting something new keeps us vital and interested and passionate about life.

If maintaining things has not been your strong point, start by maintaining in the areas that are of importance to you, for example, put more effect into maintaining your relationship, set aside a time every week to just be together to talk, or go out to a movie once a month, or whatever it means to you to maintain your relationship. It may be maintaining the house, it might need painting, or your car needs that tune, or you commit to a walking routine to get back into shape. Maintaining things in our lives gives us enjoyment and fulfillment with what we already have.

Finishing may be lacking in this year of 2010. You started projects that are not complete, for example, you leave the shampoo with that little bit in the bottom, and instead of finishing it, you put it in the cupboard and get the new one out. Finish it before you start the next one. Throw out your old clothes or old underwear and get new ones, get rid of those old shirts you haven’t worn all year. Go through your cupboards and throw out old jars of jam, the moldy stuff in the bottom of the fridge. Finishing things gives us results and results gives satisfaction.

By looking at these three columns, you can take a fresh look at your year, see where you would like to improve, see what’s missing and begin to bring into your year of 2011, a new insight into your new years’ Goals.

To take this fresh look even further, I want you to think about what has been an achievement for you this year, what has given you positive emotions of happiness, fulfillment, achievement. There may be many examples for some, or you may struggle to find one, but there will be one! Find at least one moment that brought you pleasure. Write it down.

When you think about this event, goal or incident, what are the emotions for you?

Happy? Pleased? High? Full? Write them down.

What actions did you take to make this happen?

What activity was I doing? What emotions were present?

Who was there? Where was I?

These moments are what life is all about. Make sure you acknowledge them even if they are small.

These moments give you insight into what you are about, what makes life feel good for you. This exercise helps you learn about what outcomes make you happy, what you want from life.

Notice how you feel when you think about them. Write these feelings/thoughts down.

This is very important in establishing your mindset for the future year! You want to add more of these outcomes to your following year.

So, to begin with 2011!!

Lets start with these Success Principles.

1.Know what you want, know your outcome.

2.Take action

3.Have sensory acuity

4.Have behavioural flexibility

When planning and dreaming about your new year, use these success principles as a guide to realistically bring about outcomes that you really desire to have. Decide what you really want. Decide to take action and take action! Use everything you have available to you to achieve your outcome by including non verbal information you receive, be prepared to change a way of doing something if you’re not getting the results or outcome you want.

With these principles in mind, start to Plan and Dream!!

What do you want for your health?

What do you want for your personal relationships?

What do you want for your family?

What do you want for your friends?

What do you want for your business or your job?

What do you want financially?

What hobbies do you want to start, maintain or finish?

What toys do want to buy?

Where do you want to travel this year?

You may have other questions to add to this list. Once you have completed your questions, write up your Ideal Day, keeping in mind your start, maintain and finish columns. This is your vision, this is your ideal, this is what brings everything that you could ever wish to have or be. Put it on the wall where you can see it every day. You may like to frame it, you may write it on a white board, you may stick it on the fridge, but have your plan and dream visible so you can see it every day.

Make 2011 the best year you have ever had!!

Take action by making a decision to take action

Might seem obvious, but by simply making a decision for action you will be on the way to success.

Be who you want to be, by doing what you need to do to have what you desire to have


The Slippery Slope


With about 1.6 Billion US dollars of customer’s money ‘disappearing’ in the MF global bankruptcy, you may be wondering what is going on… and exactly where is the world heading. These are good questions, but to answer then we need more than a sound bite… we need to examine a particular bit of world history… the history of the destruction of the Classical Gold Standard.

The Classical Gold Standard as practiced during the nineteenth century, while less than perfect, was a thousand times better than the ‘system’ of fraud and theft that we are seemingly stuck with. The Classical Gold Standard helped to propel the world economy to unimagined heights, bringing unprecedented prosperity to millions, and helped to make the nineteenth century the most peaceful century mankind has ever experienced. It has taken the best part of a century to destroy this Gold Standard.

The most devastating blow… but not the first… was delivered on the eve of WWI… the Great War. As war clouds gathered, the future combatants called their loans, to fill their vaults with Gold… but even vaults bulging with Gold would not be enough to fund a protracted war. Indeed, pundits of the day were predicting that any possible war could not last more than a few months at worst, as the combatants would run out of money.

All governments knew this… and their choices were limited; raise funds through war taxes, borrow by issuing war bonds, or… or what? At the time, Gold was money, and bank notes were clearly recognized as just that; ‘notes’, that is IOU’s redeemable into Gold money. They came up with a truly insidious plan.

New ‘legal tender’ laws were passed, decreeing that henceforth the IOU’s themselves were money, legal for all payments. Think about this for a minute. Gold is a present good, just like an apple, or sugar, or oil, or any other real, physical commodity… with the only difference being that Gold is a monetary commodity, not a commodity that is directly consumed. Imagine passing a law that decrees that an IOU for an apple, an IOU for sugar, or an IOU for oil is now the apple itself, or the sugar itself, or the oil itself. Is this insane or what?

Insane or not, the laws were passed, first in France then quickly thereafter in England and Germany. To help mislead people of this grand larceny, Gold remained in circulation along with the new Bank Notes, the so called Legal Tender paper… but not for long.

To top this off, Real Bill circulation was shut down. There is no space here to give justice to the vital importance to the circulation of Real Bills to the viability of a Gold Standard, but appreciate that multilateral trade underpinned by Real Bills circulation is so efficient and productive that total volume of world trade before WWI was not surpassed until the nineteen seventies… nearly sixty five years later… three human generations; this in spite of enormous growth in the world economy. Simply, Real Bills are the commercial clearing system of the Gold Standard, and no Gold Standard can possible survive without a fully developed Bills market.

This double whammy was to prove to be fatal to the Classical Gold Standard. After the Great War ended, Britain ‘tried’ to get ‘back on Gold’… but without resuscitating the Real Bills market. Furthermore, the attempt at going ‘back on Gold’ was made without devaluing the Pound… to account for the enormous number of Pound notes printed to finance the war.

Returning to the pre-war ratio was considered highly deflationary. This is more of a red herring than anything else, designed to draw attention away from the real cause; the failure to allow Real ill circulation to resume.

The effort was doomed to failure, and indeed it did fail. Great Britain went ‘Off Gold”. Soon the Us followed… and to rub salt into the wound, President Roosevelt confiscated all the Gold held by US citizens, then a few months later devalued the Dollar from $22 per once to $35 per ounce.

This was the death knell of the Gold Coin Standard, the Classical Gold standard of the nineteenth century. The world retreated to the so called Gold Bullion standard, where only large entities were entitled to hold or trade Gold. No ordinary citizen was allowed to do so. The power of Gold was concentrated into the hands of an ‘elite’ minority, while the large majority had to be content with irredeemable paper… IOU nothing bank notes.

After WWII, the carnage continued. The Bretton Woods system was brought into play, whereby only the US Treasury was entitled to hold Gold, supposedly to ‘back’ the US Dollar… and the US Dollar was used as a reserve to ‘back’ local currencies, such as the British Pound and the French Franck. Gold was still in the system, but farther and farther away from the people. The concentration of Gold… and of monetary power… continued unchecked.

The last nail in the coffin of the Classical Gold Standard was delivered in nineteen seventy three, by President Nixon. By ‘closing the Gold window’, or more accurately by reneging on the international Gold obligations of the US just as Roosevelt had defaulted on the national Gold obligations of the US government, the last official link to Gold was cut. The whole world was now officially ‘off Gold’… and ‘on Fiat’.

Mind you, WWI was not the first attack on the Gold Standard by any means. The demonetization of Silver, the change from a bimetallic standard to a Gold only standard was such an attack… although at first glance this seems contradictory. After all, should not removing ‘competition’ to Gold not make Gold supreme? The answer is not by any means. Demonetizing Silver meant that about half the money in circulation was suddenly removed. This blow to the monetary system was far more devastating than the attempt by Britain to return to Gold at pre war Pound parity… yet the system survived, although not without unnecessary stress.

The only reason it survived is that Real Bills circulation was not destroyed when Silver was demonetized. Real Bills continued to function unimpaired, fulfilling their role as the clearing system of the Gold Standard… and after a brief deflationary episode, the Gold standard continued to soldier on.

But this ‘crime of 1873’… the year that Silver was demonetized… was by no means the very first blow to the Gold Standard, the very first blow delivered against honest money. The first blow came early, before the Gold Standard was even fully established. The first blow was a legally sanctioned violation of money ownership; a violation of property rights.

Judgments were made in British jurisprudence, and legal precedents set, that money ‘deposited’ in a bank account was no longer the property of the depositor, but somehow became the property of the bank. This is another incredible farce of law; it is as if the furniture you take to a warehouse for safe keeping is deemed to suddenly become the property of the warehouse!

Of course, once the bank acquires ownership of the money, IT decides what to do with it… like using demand deposits to buy high yielding long term bonds… the notorious practice of borrowing short to lend long. As if the warehouse owner decides to lend out your furniture for his own profit, or trade it for some other stuff.

This is where the very first cracks appeared, the vulnerable spot where the shenanigans begin. The customer is disempowered, and the power over his money… and the power inherent in his Gold… is transferred to the banking system. The so called business cycle, in reality a credit cycle, is put into motion by the fraudulent credit thus made possible. If the depositor decides to withdraw his money, the money is simply not there… having been used to buy a high yielding long term bond… and the run on the bank begins.

So where are we today? The cancer of property rights invasion that first disturbed the inherent stability of an unadulterated Gold standard, a Gold standard where property rights and contract law are sacrosanct, is metastizing.

First came the perversion of declaring that the Bank owns and has rights to dispose of deposits as it sees fit, not as the rightful owner wishes. Next, the abomination of decreeing that an IOU for something is the thing itself… followed by outlawing citizens from even holding Gold… and then, taking Gold completely out of the system.

Today, the speed of slippage down the slippery slope towards Hades is increasing rapidly. Mf global, the large international futures clearing house recently went bankrupt, and about 1.6 Billion dollars of customer property accounts in the form of futures contracts from ‘segregated’ customer accounts simply ‘disappeared’.

The ‘furniture’ you took to the warehouse for safekeeping was not returned to you when the warehouse went bankrupt… but given to creditors, along with the warehouse itself. The creditor in this atrocity was… surprise… a ‘too big to fail’ bank, namely J.P Morgan.

Moreover, a US federal judge ruled that ‘yes, the value disappeared, but there was no criminal intent, just chaos’… and so Mr. Corzine, the CEO of JP Morgan, is innocent. Right. In a world of computerized audit trails, where every penny transaction is tracked with Argus eyes, $1,600,000,000 simply ‘disappears between the cracks’! If you believe that the ‘honorable judge’ made a fair and honest judgment, then I suggest you go out and make a fair and honest offer to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

So what is next? Could it be that the rumors of the upcoming demise of Morgan Stanley are more than just rumors? Could Morgan Stanley be the next Mf Global? Is it be possible that after the violation of property rights to money, after the violation of property rights to futures contracts the violation of property rights to equities is next? Would anyone be shocked if this rumor comes true?

Bah. Before any honest money system becomes possible, the invasion of property rights must be reversed. The very first property rights invasion that started the slide towards Hades must be reversed. Only then will it become possible to resolve the Global Financial (Money) Crisis, instead of constantly making it worse.

Rudy J. Fritsch

Editor in Chief

The Gold Standard Institute


How to Achieve Orgasms Multiple Times


If you haven’t taken a long hard look at your genitals please do. What positions feel most comfortable to you as you get aroused? For women, do you like pressure on your clitoris while lying on your stomach, sitting up with pressure from below, sideways, while you are on your back?…you need to figure that out women.Do you enjoy short gentle touches, long strokes? What feels best, fingers, a vibrator, lubricant or not? Can you easily be aroused by many different positions? Are your breasts extra sensitive? How many erogenous zones can you count?

If you are a guy, what are your erogenous zones beyond the tip of your penis? Are your ears sensitive, your neck, the skin on your inner thigh, your buttocks. Would just French kissing set you off for starters? Play some mental games with yourself. Close your eyes and dream for a moment.

Imagine that someone you would love to have sex with is lightly touching you in your most erogenous zone; next kissing you there, blowing gently on that area after getting it wet. Imagine having something cold like an ice cube gently rubbed over that area, or a warm wet towel. How about aromatic oils? Does that do it for you? Have you ever started thinking about sex in the shower, or tub? Ladies? Men? Certain music make you feel sexy?

Some of you are aroused by watching people working out, or playing some sport. The tightness of muscles, the gleam of perspiration on a suntanned body can set some off into mind pictures. So what is it that you like now? Is it different from some time ago? Do you find that you really enjoy pleasuring your mate? Are you a considerate lover? In order to bring yourself to orgasm you need to “go to the movies in your mind.” Set the stage. Where are you, what do you smell, who are you with, what are you each wearing, and what body part is most arousing to you?

As you begin to find and to admit to what really turns you on, you are closer to multiple orgasmic sex.

Yes, women generally have an greater ability to orgasm multiple times, however, men can also learn to enjoy several orgasms within a short period of time. And by the way, age does not have to play a role in this. First of all, both men and women need to be physically healthy. Check with your doctor if you have questions. One needs good circulation, strength, and stamina coupled with imagination and a willingness to make it happen. Be sure that you are well rested, perhaps take a B vitamin complex or something like powdered electrolytes before hand, and don’t have too much to drink, though a little libation is often helpful to relax.

Here are some things to consider to help you reach multiple orgasms:

1. Set the stage physically, mentally and emotionally.

2. Wear clothing that makes you feel sexy. Tell your partner what clothing he/she wears that most arouses you.

3. Wear perfume or cologne that excites the senses.

4. Eat sexy foods in small quantities such as oysters, clams, caviar, fresh fruits, veggies that you can suck and lightly bite. Different textures and tastes are lovely.

5. Have something to drink –a sparkling wine, champagne, a beer, passion tea…not coffee.

6. Make the temperature of the room comfortable–not warm; cool is better, but not cold.

7. Bring toys into the bedroom- vibrators, rings, ice, yogart, cream, caramel, chocolate, whipped cream. Penis rings with vibrators and other feel good toys for both are available. See what interests each of you.

8. Lubricant: there are many types on the market now – some with flavors, some that add heat

9. Music

10. Candles or aromatherapy of other kinds

11. Fireplace

12. Hot Tub

13. Start slowly, gently or, play a little rough if you enjoy that –always be sure whatever is going on is okay for both of you

14. Let your animal instincts get the best of you and go with your urges. Men often like to claim their partner, or to dominate, and some women and men feel great when they can take turns at controlling the situation. Do what works for you.

15. Stimulate the area just above the woman’s pubic bone – gentle shaking with pressure then move inward as she indicates readiness

16. Stimulate the G-spot by inserting a middle finger palm side up and bend the finger within to touch that crazy G. Watch the motion of her body- she will tell you what works best

17. As you are doing this – you too will find a point of arousal. The sounds of pleasing her should also make you feel very good. Imagine what you are causing. Women do something wonderful for your man. What does he most enjoy? Take your time with him, watch his expression, talk to him. Share in the enjoyment of pleasing one another.

18. Touch your skin to hers –feel her breasts up against you —feel her erect nipples, notice your own erection, realize that you are causing this pleasure. When you let yourself go—you will not be able to stop the urge to penetrate her. But take your time guys- prolong it. The sexual tension will build and you will feel an urge to copulate like never before.

19. Not always, but sometimes you will be able to time your orgasm with your mate. When that happens it is incredibly pleasing for both partners. Following your first orgasm men need to rest generally, however, women can go on with several more orgasms if you gently restimulate, and I do mean gently restimulate her most erogenous zones. Keep some pressure on her pubic bone and gently rock from side to side, a type of out g-spot stimulation. She may feel good turning over onto her stomach and lying on a vibrator, or just your leg, she will tell you what will work for her. Manual stimulation, oral, whatever.

Talking during sex can also work because all of your senses are heighten. Say different things and see what turns her on, better yet, ask her if she enjoys hearing certain things. You can also bring in some sex toys at this point such as a vibrator and let her help guide you.

20. After she reaches climax again -rest a bit together and then get out of bed for a while to change the pace of things- get something to drink- perhaps have some cold fruit, put your robes on and just sit together in another room. Talk about what just happened and let your body react. Look at each other – the after-sex glow and feel of one another can send ripples of lust. When you feel rested enough – go for a different position, different mood, making love or just having sex is all up to what will work for you. Let her stimulate you in new ways and go with it – role play if you need it, put a sexy movie on, do whatever it takes to be aroused again.

21. Sometimes taking a shower after sex with your mate is incredibly stimulating – there is something special about wet bodies.

22. Massage is also a good way to arouse sexual feelings. Seeing a beautiful bottom adorned by a thong bending over to pick up an article of clothing can send some guys craving more!

23. Let your mate know how good they felt and all of the positive aspects of being together. Talk about what you are going to do to one another –kiss new body parts, take your time, or not – do it differently.

24. Pretending that you are with someone else for some people also can work – whatever you choose make sure both of you feel good about it. Going to the movies in your mind during sex can help you achieve orgasm.

25. The pulsating waves of the first orgasm can literally send you quickly into another…remember that sensation, allow it. Just enjoy each touch, each breath, each kiss, each movement…

Talk about what works for you during lovemaking. Let your partner know when he or she does something that thrills you. Remember variety is truly the spice of life. Having a healthy sex life is an important part of living a healthy life. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t achieve multiple orgasms on your first attempt. It also helps if you just play rather than work at it. Enjoying even one orgasm is a gift of nature—savor those moments, it can bring you much closer together. Memories of a past orgasm must mean that it was so wonderful you’d like to repeat it, so try to remember how the stage was set that time. Get creative and enjoy lovemaking.

Wishing you many orgasmic moments with the one you love!




Though scientists only recently discovered Pluto the ancients knew of her existence from the very beginning of recorded time as written in the Zohar-Book of Secret. Called Eretz, this little world on the brink of the Seventh Heaven is the boundary of our solar system–the tenth frontier. The Zohar describes this world as being so distant that the sun looks like a star. Recent photographs have confirmed the words of the wise.

There are aspects of Pluto that mirror our own earth more than any other planet; for example, Pluto shows the greatest diversity of terrain other than the earth and has its moon Charon always showing the same face to her planet as does earth’s moon. The Talmud-Book of Law speaks about Seven Heavens and the Zohar describes and names each of the seven celestial bodies that intercept the heavens from earth until Pluto.

Pluto and earth are connected through the virtue of seven. The Zohar says that only the seven outer orbits of our solar system support life. It is because of the outer seven celestial bodies that we regulate ourselves according to seven days of the week; the remaining three, the sun, Mercury and Venus, represent the higher light, the intellect, whereas the outer seven are representative of the body of our emotions. The solar system, like an embryo, awakens first from the body; the head remains bent and unconscious until birth.

To discover physical similarities between the earth and her seventh planet might be expected as it says in the Talmud: all sevens are beloved–each is seventh from the other. The earth was divided into seven land masses: the continents which correspond to the seven outer worlds according to the Zohar written 2000 years ago. The seven day week and the seven notes of western music are related to this primal configuration.

The earth revolves around the sun every 365 days while Pluto’s orbit is 248 years equaling the number 613. Every human body is comprised, according to the Talmud, of 248 limbs connected by 365 vessels. The first five books of the Torah known as The Five Books of Moshe are the source of the 613 Commandments given to the Jewish People. These commandments are separated into two categories: 248 positive commandments and 365 negative commandments.

The six parts of the body: arms, legs, torso and sex are two intertwined triangles that form a mouth which produces speech. The Cabalists differentiate between these first six attributes embodied by the first six planets from the earth to Neptune by noting the six corresponding Sefirot all point in the same direction–towards the greater light–while the seventh turns. This turning is played out in Pluto’s interception of the orbit of her giant neighbor Neptune for twenty years out of Pluto’s 248 year elliptical orbit around the sun. Like Einstein’s Mobius strip (A Möbius strip is an intriguing surface with only one side and one edge. You can make one by joining the two ends of a strip of paper after giving one end a 180-degree twist) the orbit of Pluto is the self-imposed confine to the solar system related to the tenth sephira of Malcult/Royalty, woman, birth and speech.

For twenty years of the 248 years cycle around the sun, Pluto dips into Neptune’s orbit; this last happened from 1979 to 1999–it will happen again in the year 2226 or 5986 in the Hebrew calendar, just 14 years before the year 6000–beginning the thousand years of woman and of peace. These astronomical acrobatics are indicative of celestial speech–the culmination of the earth’s communication to the Creator through the universe in the same way the human being produces speech rendered through the emotions emanating from the six limbs of the body that can span space and reach another intelligent being.

The limb of speech is the mouth which has within it five aspects that divide the breath into articulated words: lips, teeth, tongue, pallet and throat. Scientific exploration has so far revealed three moons around the planet Pluto. One would suspect that there are two more moons lurking in the darkness circling planet Pluto. Both earth and Pluto speak; earth speaks the amalgam of thoughts continually produced by the human brain radiating into the space; the earth is the inner voice of the solar system while Pluto speaks into the beyond.

The Kuiper Belt, an endless array of chaotic frozen material drifting aimlessly around our solar system, is the outer perimeter to our world of ten dimensions. Referring to the surrounding light and the concept of Keter/Crown: Will and Pleasure from where the chaos of the human being is rooted, the Kuiper Belt is the manifestation of that concept.

The communications emanating from our solar system are blended into a vibrato of infinite weave and endless vibrations; the articulated voice modulated from the billions of unique minds generating thoughts and words without end is delivered to the universe through the planet Pluto standing at the brink of chaos. These aggregated thoughts conveyed upon the breath of vibrations will go on forever. The universe is speaking to us and we are speaking back.

Science only works in a dark box of finite definition; there is no room in science for metaphor and secret–science only believes what it sees even though they know that the physical universe comprises only four percent of the whole. Science is good at gathering information, but their interpretation and explanation is woefully lacking. It is hubris which allows them to dissect our solar system as if it were some dead thing.

The ancients understood the configuration of creation to be the eternal testament of the Creator waiting to be unlocked. By limiting creation to the obvious and not the implicit presents a false picture of reality which inspires errant philosophies about life, like: survival of the fittest. It was humility that the ancients practiced which gave them access to the secrets of creation and it is humility which will open the eyes of the innocent.