How to Start a Green Living Lifestyle?


There is more than one way to begin adopting a green lifestyle.

One thing you should learn about living green is that there are a lot of small things that you can do. You can get started on living green right away by executing a few simple concepts. You will learn that not only will you be feeling good about yourself by helping the environment but you will likewise have nothing to lose by doing it.

For example, every person must drink water every day, but it doesn’t have to be done with using plastic bottles. Instead of paying for water in plastic bottles, you can try to use recyclable containers to fill up with water and even ice. You will be able to find containers in various sizes and colors, which is terrific for color coding bottles for the home or the office. Our landfills and your wallet will both benefit by taking this approach.

If you don’t wish to stop by the water store each week to get new 5 gallon jugs of water, you can always have it delivered to your home. You will discover that you can get all natural spring water from these 5 gallon jugs as well. This will also be a much more affordable way than getting water from vending machines or mini marts.

Many individuals will also take on home improvement projects, and there are simple things you can do to also help the planet simultaneously. When you’re doing minor remodeling or painting jobs, there are typically left over supplies. If you end up with excess paint, which is typical, you should ensure it doesn’t end up in our landfills. The chemical substances can seep into the ground and do lots of damage.

As soon as you complete your project, you should take the paint and donate it to someone before it starts to dry out. These excess supplies will be able to do good for church groups or even other groups in your area. If you can’t seem to find anywhere to give away these leftover supplies you can get on the Internet to search for local charities. Even if you just have half a gallon of paint left over, realize that this can be combined with other paints and be used for various things. This is a great way to take your excess paint, and use it for a worthy purpose.

And if you happen to be one of the people who change your own oil, you must recycle your oil the right way. It is nice to be able to save money by changing your own oil, but the places that do it for a living have ways to dispose of the oil. You must not pour the old oil on the soil or even dump it down a drain. It is terrible enough for the soil, but when it gets into the water, it will be harmful to the aquatic life. And you will see that this can not only affect our wildlife but you can end up contaminating our water supply too.

So I am sure you can now see how all these small things can add up to make a great difference to our planet. If each person starts off small, you will find that the results can end up being significant.


10 Essential Keno Tips For Players of Every Level


If you’re looking for Keno tips that will increase your chances for winning money at this popular casino game, I’m afraid you’re out of luck already. There are no strategies that can help you improve your odds of winning at Keno because all of the numbers are selected randomly so no number is ever more likely to come up than another number. Tips for Keno should, therefore, be limited to such issues as money management. For those interested in the game, however, some of the more popular keno tips may be of interest.

1. The number one rule for gambling, and the most important of all Keno tips is to never gamble with “dear” money; only gamble with “excess” money. In other words, never gamble with money that you will need now, or may need in the near future, to pay for your financial commitments and everyday living expenses.

2. If you want good odds to win more than you wager, the best tip anyone can give you is to play almost any other casino game than Keno. The Keno game offers some of the worst odds in any casino, to the point that the game is virtually guaranteed to be, at best, a slow way to lose all of your money.

3. If you want a better chance to win at Keno spend your time with an online game rather than a live casino game. Payouts at live casinos range from about 60% to 70%; probably the worst payout percentage in the house. Payout percentages at most online Keno games are significantly higher.

4. If you’re a serious Keno player you should always compare various Keno sites before settling down to play. While most payouts and selection choices are similar, if not identical, it is possible to locate sites, including online sites, that offer better payouts or more play options in an effort to attract more players.

5. One of the most popular Keno tips is to pick consecutive numbers, such as 28 and 29 or 33, 34 and 35. There is no rational justification for this strategy although a casual observance of actual drawn numbers may seem to somehow justify the logic.

6. Another strategy frequently found among regular Keno players is to decide on a list of numbers and then play those same numbers continuously over a number of games. For some addicted players playing the same numbers may continue not just for hours but sometimes for days and weeks on end.

7. Some players believe that one of the best Keno tips is to start playing numbers that haven’t come up recently in previous games. The theory here is that those numbers must soon start hitting in order to bring their occurrence up to expected levels over the long run.

8. Other players choose numbers that have come up recently, apparently believing there may be something irregular about the selection process that actually favors those numbers.

9. If you’re interested in playing Keno for a longer period of time select a large number of spots on the card. This way you’re more likely to win at least something on each card, even though you’ll still be losing money in the long run.

10. If you’re looking for Keno tips that will help you try to win that once in a lifetime fortune you should also play more spots on each card. If you hit all of those many numbers the payoff can be astounding. But the odds of it happening are astronomical. For example, playing 14 spots your odds of hitting all 14 numbers are about 1 in 389 million.


Introduction to Detox Diets


Detoxifying the body has become an apparent key preventative measure to all kinds of health problems. Since most of us are busy, and unable or unwilling to maintain a strict diet in order to completely eliminate all the toxins from our body. We have chemicals building up in our bodies day after day. Since these chemicals are not harmful in small amounts, only in larger accumulated amounts, we don’t notice side effects until we are much older. A proper, even if occasional, detox diet is necessary to relieve our bodies of harmful toxins and chemicals, and maintain a healthy, normal, and long-lived life.

The main idea of a detox diet is to eliminate nearly all foods and restrict the body to only water and vegetables for a few days; usually around 5 or 6 days is adequate. Most detox diets then allow for a slow re-introduction of other foods, gradually. The diets generally restrict foods from your diet that are said to have harmful toxins. Along with this a detox diet should then flush the existing toxins out of the body. A detox diet essentially gives the liver and other organs a chance to catch up and remove all the toxins. This is done through our sweat, feces, and urine.

Our bodies simply cannot cope with the normal day to day ingestion of chemicals. Most these chemicals come from foods, as mentioned before, but also have a wide variety of other sources. Although we do not know what foods are the cause of it all, we do know that pesticides, heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, and the chemicals in cigarettes and the air we breath, all enter our bodys via our lungs or stomach and can cause an excessive build up. These chemicals in small amounts are harmless; its the day after day ingestion and build up of them which can lead to degenerative diseases.

One common detox diet is the combination of nothing but fruits and water for a given period. The promotion of chemicals being metabolized by our bodies can be helped with certain vitamins, herbs and supplements. Some supplements will help the mobilization of toxins in our fat and other toxin deposits located throughout the body. Since our bodies rid themselves of chemicals through sweat, sauna therapies can also provide a great benefit. There are many other diets and detox therapies, these are just a few common methods. Regular body detoxification is a good preventative action and promotes a healthier present and future!


7 Reasons Why The Saxophone Is So Popular


It seems that everyone loves the sax. People tell me constantly how much they love the sax. (You probably do, too, or you wouldn’t be reading this.)

But why? What is it about the sax that’s so wonderfully cool? And why does it effect so many people so strongly? Here are my thoughts on the subject:

  1. Sax music makes you feel good. The very sound of the sax does something to you. It touches you. It tickles your nervous system, in a good way. The very vibration of the instrument changes your vibration as you hear it.
  2. The saxophone sounds great anytime, in just about any kind of music, and makes almost any band more fun to listen to, even lousy bands. Even country music. Even polkas!
  3. Saxophones create great ambiance. The sax sounds hip, sophisticated, relaxed, sensuous and romantic, and always creates great atmosphere no matter where its played.
  4. The sax looks cool. Even just the look of the instrument itself is artistic and fun. Even just having a sax laying around the room creates a hip ambiance. Having a saxophone in a room will always inspire interesting conversation.
  5. Sax music takes you there. A good player can really take you places like no other instrument. Sure, guitar players would argue with that, but its true!
  6. Sax players are cool people. Almost universally, saxophone players are hip and interesting people. And I know a lot of them.
  7. Sax & Sex. And I think you know what I mean. Need I say more?

No matter where you here it, or in what context, the saxophone always sounds great, looks great, and creates great ambiance. And it makes you feel good when you hear it. That’s why so many people love the saxophone!


Tip – I Just Set the Alarm on My Timex Ironman Watch and I Can’t Turn the Darn Thing Off!


Hope you didn’t set it too early.

Haven’t we all had moments like this!

You had nothing but the best intentions of course, when you set yourTimex IRONMAN Watch for 6:30am. You were determined to do that morning run if it killed you!

Of course best intentions are all good, but when 6:30am rolled around, your first reaction was predictable wasn’t it… at that moment in time, you wanted nothing better than to DESTROY your Timex IRONMAN watch, or at least turn that darn beeping off so as to squeeze another hour of sleep in before work!

Ok, so you probably (somehow) managed to turn the thing off. Or maybe you took the easier route and just pulled your pillow tightly over your ears until the damn thing stopped, and it worked.. Briefly, but now the #@”! thing goes off EVERY morning at 6:30am like, er… clockwork! Arrrrgggg! why do those IRONMAN watches have to be so efficient??

While I’ve heard a sledgehammer is a common solution to this common problem, please don’t despair, for I show you a way to unset your alarm that does not involve the mutilation of your timepiece.

The standard Timex IRONMAN watch looks something like the layout below:

(I cannot show a picture here, so please refer to the link in my signature)

Please note: I am attempting to keep this information as general as possible, however there are many Timex IRONMAN watch models on the market and this information might not apply precicely to every single model out there. I do believe the ALARM function works in a similar way in many IRONMAN watches and what I say here will apply in most cases.

Ok, so when the alarm is going off, simply pressStart/Split orStop/Reset to disarm the alarm. To know when your alarm is armed, a clock icon will appear on the face of your Timex watch, when disarmed, the clock will disappear. If the alarm goes off and you make the mistake of waiting it out in the hope it will go away, a back-up alarm will fire up five minutes later for further tormentation.

So now the quick fix is out of the way, here is how to turn the alarm off permanently:

  • press the MODE button until you are in ALARM mode
  • press SET/RECALL to configure the alarm
  • PressSTOP/RESET (-) orSTART/SPLIT (+) to cycle through alarms
  • When you have selected the alarm you wish to erase, hold down STOP/RESET (-) to clear the selected alarm.

Ahh peace of mind at last!

Oh, and if you were actually wondering how to SET the alarm, be sure to look out for this topic on my blog soon.



Why Do People Travel?


Can you imagine what is life without traveling? Is it possible? Whatever your reason is, traveling is a part of people’s life. We all travel. The reason behind that is up to you.

There are different reasons why people travels:.

1.) Most People Travel because they want to see their families and friends who live far away. Invitations from families and friends are seldom so you will decide to travel just to see them.

2.) People Travel because they want to see their soul mates. Some people believe that there is only one person for them and if they haven’t had much luck searching in their area, they figured it out that even though there are millions of people around the world, they can still find it in other place.

3.) People travel to seek for work because they want to experience how to work from another place. We must admit that earning money is hard and some people decide to work abroad because they are looking for greener pasture. Other place pays bigger rates than their own place. We may also say that their expertise is not favorable in their own place. Unfortunately, they have to leave their families for awhile for a job opportunities abroad.

4.) People travel because they want to learn others cultures. They want to see the difference between their culture and other cultures. They want to learn others culture because for them traveling is fun while learning. One particular thing about the culture is the food. They want to know how food is prepared and how it is done. Obviously, we all love to eat.

5.) People travel because they are writers. They want to give the readers relevant article to their readers especially when they are making story in that particular place.

6.) People travel because they want to see all beautiful scenery of different countries. Others would want to take pictures because it serves as souvenirs.

7.) When opportunity arise, it is hard to decide whether to leave your family and open a business far away your place. Some businessmen would rather put up business in other place because they want gain and it is more profitable than staying in their place. Business is nothing without profit.

Traveling is not only for rich people. Whether you are poor or in the middle class, you can travel as long as it fits your budget. Some travel for their goals, some travel for fun and relaxation and some travel for experience.


How Do Wireless Speakers Work? – A Brief Primer


How Do Wireless Speakers Work?

Magic? Harry Potter Wand Tricks? Leprechauns?

There is really no straightforward answer to this question. Wireless speakers can work on a variety of technologies, chief among them being Radio Frequency (RF), Bluetooth, and nowadays, even Wi-Fi.

The basic process, however, remains the same. A wireless transmitter is plugged into an audio system such as an iPod, a computer, a Blu-Ray player, a TV, etc. This transmitter sends a signal to the speakers which, in turn, convert it into sound. The signal can be transmitted via various different technologies, which we’ll discuss below.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency or RF, is the most common technology used in wireless speakers. The speakers use a particular unused band of the radio spectrum to transmit data wirelessly. A cordless phone works on the same principle.

RF is a fairly efficient technology, flexible and affordable. It has a good range, stretching over 100 feet in certain models (and over 300 feet in some outdoor speakers). There is a fair amount of data loss which can cause degradation of the audio signal, resulting in poor quality playback. Conflicting signals from other wireless devices in the house, such as wireless routers and cordless phones can cause interference, leading to data loss and disturbance. All in all, RF, despite its popularity, may be phased out in the next few years as newer technologies take its place.


If you bought a new mobile phone in the past 2 years, you would definitely be familiar with Bluetooth. As a wireless data transfer standard used in virtually every mobile phone, Bluetooth is ubiquitous these days. Via this technology, two Bluetooth enabled devices can be connected wirelessly within seconds. Once a connection is established, data can be transferred wirelessly at speeds of up to 3 MB/second.

Technologically, Bluetooth works on the radio spectrum as well. Instead of using a single band, however, Bluetooth chops up the data and distributes it over 79 different bands, thereby enhancing speed and reducing data loss. These bands range from 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz.

Bluetooth has a smaller range than pure RF signals. On the plus side, since the entire spectrum from 2400-2483.5 MHz (79 bands, along with spare guard bands) is allocated for Bluetooth use, there is no interference from other wireless devices.

One key issue with Bluetooth is that it isn’t available in all devices. Older phones, most audio and video players, TVs, and desktop computer aren’t equipped with native Bluetooth. To use a pair of Bluetooth wireless speakers with these devices, you’ll have to invest in a Bluetooth transmitter. However, if you primarily use a Bluetooth enabled device such as an iPhone or iPod Touch to listen to your music, you’ll find Bluetooth wireless speakers to be a competent competitor to RF.


Only a select few speakers use Wi-Fi for transmitting data – such as the Sonos Play series of speakers. This is the same plain vanilla Wi-Fi used in your home. It is fast and efficient and works very well with digital, Wi-Fi enabled devices like computers and mobile phones.

However, most audio players, TVs, etc. aren’t Wi-Fi enabled. This means that a Wi-Fi wireless speaker can only play back audio from your computer or mobile phone. Obviously, this limits its functionality and is the sole reason why wireless Wi-Fi speakers haven’t been accepted by the mainstream.


How To Repair Broken Jade


The best way to repair is often with a cement. Do the edges of the broken pieces fit together closely? If so, a good two-part epoxy cement is best. I recommend an epoxy which cures to a clear color, not amber like most. The brand name is Huges 330 Epoxy. It is made for gemstone material cementing. A craft shop should have this cement or may order it for you. If not, try an exposy cement from a craft shop or hardware store but do not get the quick setting kind. The best will harden in about 2 hours. Quick set cements cure in 5 minutes and this is too little time to make a good joint of the broken ends.

Clean the ends well with alcohol. This is needed to remove any traces of oils, etc. which will lead to a joint failure later. Arrange a means to hold the ends together so the ends will not be moved until the cement cures. Do this arrangement first and be certain it will work.

Then, mix the two part cement according to directions. Apply only enough cement to one broken edge to cover the end with a little cement. Push the pieces together and see if too much runs out the edges. If so, wipe off before the cement starts to cure then place together again. Hold the pieces in place as mentioned already.

Leave the left over on a mixing paper or plastic, whatever is used to mix the cement and place the mixer(toothpick, paper clip or other handy object) into the unused part. When the object is cemented hard on the unused portion of the cement, you know the jade is also cured and may be handled.

Excess if any may be carefully trimmed with a razor edge or left alone. Trimming of extruded cement will often leave a white and easily seen line. Sometimes it is best to leave the cement as is.

If you have way too much cement and way too much is pushed from the joined edges, clean in acetone or nail polish remover. Clean well as you can. Then start again with a new mix of the epoxy. Do not use “super glue” since this will not hold strongly for a long period of time.

If you want to try to do the work, I believe you can. The first try might be messy and you might have to try a second time. If you want someone else to do it, a jeweler should be able to cement the pieces together for your repair depends on the sort of break in the bracelet. If the jade is broken and the ends of the break fit fairly well, a jeweler (or you if handy with such) may use a good epoxy cement to join the ends. A recommended epoxy is Hughes 330, recommended because it cures water clear and is quite strong with gemstone materials. In any case, epoxy cements have no strength when first mixed. The cure brings the strength. If you try it yourself, dry fit first to find a way to support the pieces during the 2 hour cure time.

If the break is jagged and the ends do not fit, the best solution is to have a jeweler make a metal tube, either of silver or gold, to go over the broken ends and bring all together as a jade bangle with “metal fittings”. The tube will need to have two ends angled to fit the curve of the jade pieces at each break.

I do hope the break is clean and will fit back together. If so, with a good cleaning to remove all traces of oils, etc., the epoxy solution to the fix will work quite well. If done carefully, there will be little to show obviously at the break line.


How to Live a Serene Life


Imagine living in serenity. It is possible if you make a few changes to your life. It can be easy if you let it be. Laughter is the best way to start. Laughter is great for your health. It is good for your heart and your blood pressure. Laughter feels good too. Try to see the fun in your life and spend more time laughing.

Enjoy the company of friends and family. People are social beings and need companionship. Visit friends and family often and share some laughter.

You spend a large part of your life working so make sure you are doing something you love. If you hate your job, go find something you enjoy doing. Life is to short to waste doing work you do not love.

Even if you love your job, you still need to take vacations. Enjoy your holidays and make a clean break. Do not bring your work on holiday. A total break will refresh you and you will perform better when you return. It is also vital to your health. Sleep is one of the most important factors for our health and well-being. We all need at least eight hours of sleep every night. If you are not getting enough sleep, your moods will suffer, your concentration will lapse and your health will eventually deteriorate.

Get in touch with nature. Go out for a walk along the beach, or in a park, anywhere where you can get in touch with trees and the earth. It is a great mind and body refresher. Enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. Take some time each day to relax. If you enjoy watching the television or reading a book, do not feel you are being lazy. We all need to exercise each day but we also need time out to relax. Do not feel guilty about your favourite method just enjoy the moment.

You should enjoy every moment, whether you are working, relaxing or spending time with friends. Do not get caught up with multi-tasking or rushing through every moment. Take the time to do each task properly and really get involved. Live every moment to the full. Keep a gratitude journal. When you feel good write down all the things you have to feel good about and when you feel down read over all the wonderful things that brighten your life. Learn to look for the good.

If you follow these tips, you will be on your way to a more serene life. Once you get started, it will snowball.


A List of Foods That Burn Fat Fast: Go Catabolic


It’s a basic principle of weight loss.

Every item of food you put in your mouth contains calories. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

Some foods, like a piece of chocolate cake slathered with chocolate icing, are high in calories, and take a while to burn off. Other foods, like lettuce, are low in calories, and can be burned off faster.

Your body is always burning calories, even if you’re sitting still and doing nothing. But being physically active helps you burn calories faster.

So, what are the foods that burn fat fast?

Catabolic foods burn more calories than they contain. For example, an apple contains around 80 or 90 calories. But the energy your body uses to metabolize the apple burns about 180 calories. So, when you eat an apple, your body burns off up to 100 calories more than you consumed.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Here is a list of high catabolic foods.






















Sweet Potatoes





Now, this doesn’t mean you can eat a slice of chocolate cake, and then eat five apples to make up for it. What it does mean is, if you are on a diet, eating certain foods will help you burn calories and lose weight faster. These are also foods you can snack on throughout the day, satisfying your hunger without worrying about ruining your diet.