11 Overused Break Up Lines of All Time


Being in a relationship takes work, on both sides, but what happens when one of you are ready to move on, and are trying to ease out of the relationship, trying to maintain their dignity, and not impugn on yours? They use break up lines.

Given below are overused, overrated break up lines of all time! (Do you agree? )

1. It is not you it is me

2. We should see other people. It would be better for both of us

3. The timing is bad

4. I think we should see other people

5. I do not want to be in a relationship right now

6. We were just in totally different places in our lives

7. I need some space

8. I need to find myself again

9. I have no time for a relationship

10. This is not working for me

11. I need to work on myself. I cannot be in love with you if I do not love myself.

Perhaps, you have used some of these break up lines yourself. Or maybe you were at the receiving end. In my opinion, If you do not want to be with someone, you should just tell them straight.

If you just do not love them anymore, or never have…tell them.

If they have done something to change your feelings, let them know.

If the simple fact is that the feelings just are not there…then say it. Do not use silly break up lines that wrap the truth of the matter!

If not, after the break up there will be questions that keep running through their head.. and if that happens it will be much harder for them to let go.